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Meet Our Trainers: Personalized Fitness for Every Journey

At Wellness Gaines Fitness, our team of trainers is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals through personalized one-on-one sessions. Our trainers bring a wealth of experience, diverse skills, and a passion for fitness that drives our unique approach to training. We believe in creating a supportive, motivating, and fun environment that encourages growth and success for every member. Our team culture is rooted in collaboration, continuous learning, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring you receive quality training experience.


Kyra Gaines, Owner

Owner/Wellness Coach

Tallahassee, FL

Instagram: @fitness_gaines


Wellness Coach

Bainbridge, GA
Instagram: @coachrbg 


Wellness Coach

West Point, LA
Instagram: @builttoendure71291


Yoga Instructor

Cleveland, OH
Instagram: @liber.8.ted_healthandwellness


Sound Healing Practitioner


Yoga Instructor


Member and owner smiling for photo
  • Love the energy and environment!! I had been looking for a place where I could get the push I needed .. The staff is friendly and so helpful.. Im so glad i finally decided to give it a try… I highly recommend to give it a try.

  • The small gym with a female personal trainer in burien is the gym I went to for 7 years before she closed and decided not to open again.

    Leaving me too look for that experience again because I don't like going to the gym at the larger chain gyms

    After a year I finally had found a gym with the same feel, just so happens at the gym was opened by a female personal trainer we're the old Ballys used to be in Renton, for those who have lived in the area for a while and for those who remember Bally fitness.

    Kyra the owner I believe was launching a grand opening with a gym membership special and I did not hesitate to sign up. Classes are offered with different instructors yoga , total body with weights and cardio fitness class , coming soon as in Next month a STEP class. And if you're not a class person just pop in for your own training session or workout.

    And I have recently started using the sauna great for your skin I've only worked my way up to 15 minutes but I hear 30 minutes is best!!

    There is plenty of parking the location is next to the Renton post office making things convenient if you have to pop a parcel into the mail and if you have little ones next door is a swim club for kids.

    A personal training fitness with a personal vibe , WELLNESS GAINES has got it going on ya'll

    1st class is on thee!! See ya around!

  • Morning workout is my happy hour.

    Wonderful place to workout

    Thank you Wellness Gaines .

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